Guests from Czechoslovakia

We very much enjoyed the short time we had with Juan and Kvetka.  Such a charming couple and so full of new ideas.  We feel so fortunate for having them choose our Bed and Breakfast for their stay while in the USA.

Rocky outcrop in Fall

Our Stay


Oct 15

to me

We enjoyed our stay with you two so very much…a very welcoming and romantic setting, for sure. Hope all is going well with your guests, I think you said they were coming in Tuesday. The rain probably kept them close-in, but knowing you, I’m sure they enjoyed your conversation and certainly your delightful food.
We both look forward to your gracious (and extremely interesting) company again. Adriano wants to make pizza and/or calzones for you two to enjoy…and trust me, you will!
Let me reiterate that we had a wonderful time getting to know you.

Cynthia & Adriano



Welcome to Our New Site

We’re excited about our new site and we will  begin posting news about events, recipes, kitchen talk, and things going on here in the Blue Ridge mountains.

Stay tuned!