Ron & Bonnie

Memorial Day

English Manor B & B has provided us with a restful and peaceful afternoon – which we needed.  Just sitting on the porch listening to all the sounds of nature has renewed our spirits.  I love the tree frogs and the beautiful songbirds.

The chocolate mocha cake Angi baked for our anniversary is simply amazing.  We so enjoyed visiting with Ron and Angi…chatting in the kitchen and on the porch was so delightful.

The scenery here is calming – all the greenery and flowers of spring.  Rocky, Cricket and Spike were fun to watch as they sniffed us out and seemed to approve.  They were so playful and then at peace as they slept or napped. Sweet Pups!!!

The breakfast was fantastic! We enjoyed the food and fellowship with Lisa and Domonic.  Thank you for such welcoming hospitality.

Ron and Bonnie

Near Huntsville, Alabama